Swallowed some cards...

I've had a little bit of excitement in that a few weeks ago I tidied up my card designs for I Know An Old Woman, mucking about with fonts, adding a bit of colour and using the card backs I showed you in my last post on the subject.  Then, as it was looking (after a bit more playtesting) like the form of the cards wouldn't change significantly before the contest deadline, I uploaded the designs to Hong Kong based print-on-demand company ArtsCow and put in an order for some cards, using a discount code I had at the time.

Today the cards arrived.
The game only needs 18 cards. There are 108 of them here.
This is all extremely exciting for me, as I've never had a game I have invented "properly" printed before.  I used the scare quotes there as ArtsCow are primarily set up for photo gifts and not for commercial-quality game materials.  You can tell this if you have a look at the card backs, there is quite a bit of variation between the tone of different cards.  My photography is not up to capturing this properly, so you'll have to take my word for it.  For my purposes, it's definitely adequate, but I definitely wouldn't want to sell them.  Miss B is over the moon with them.

I ordered two 54-card decks, one with blue backs and borders on the front (came out more a little purple than expected, but again, no big deal) and one with red.  Combined, this means that I have six sets of the game, and some of them may end up being birthday presents!

All of this is irrelevant to the contest, for which I now have to concentrate on getting rules tidied up and nicely presented.

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