So, about those resolutions...

As we are now well into the last quarter of the year, I figured it might be appropriate to touch base on my game design resolutions for the year...
I was looking for an image to do with "resolutions" and found this,
which made me chuckle and at least adds a little colour to the page.
[Image source: Wikipedia.org]
  1. Blog more. Yup, I've been doing a lot better, with only April falling below 2 posts, and the last couple of months upping the rate significantly.
  2. Take part in at least one game design contest.  Yup.  In spades.  I've entered the BGG 24 hour contest 5 times so far (and won once!) plus have a couple of games lined up for the BGG children's game contest (one I'm co-designing, which might not get completed in time).
  3. Create 4 playable games from my "game hooks" list. Nope, none done yet, and I'm very unlikely to actually complete this one, but we'll see, there is still time.
So, I guess I've kept to the spirit of the resolutions rather than the actual specifics.  It'll do, I reckon.

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