Grimmly Available

The last few weeks have been slow for me from a game design and testing point of view for a number of reasons, but they haven't been entirely unproductive.  My big achievement has been to get my second game into the BGG database.  As of earlier this month, Giftmas with the Grimms has officially been a thing, and if you go to its BGG page, you can find the files allowing you to to make a print and play set.  

What is more, I managed to get a few sets made up using cards printed via ArtsCow and distributed at the event the game was designed for.  I haven't heard if anyone has played it yet, but I consider it a small success.
Giftmas with the Grimms, with ArtsCow cards and spread on a bit of baize (not included).
Other than that, I have started to make some headway with my reverse-colonialism game, building a new set using what I have learnt from early tests (which used components plundered from other games).  And finally, I am preparing for a trip to Dragonmeet in London this coming weekend, where I am planning to spend most of my time around the Playtest UK zone, where I have booked a slot (13:00 to 14:30 -- come and say hello!) to test My Name Is..., my lightweight (but occasionally painful) game of memory and mental agility.  I will report on all this stuff soon.