Things that give tips in the night

Yet another project.

Back in June when I was working on the 24-hour game that ended up being called Frank Must Die, my daughter, Miss B, said that it reminded her of Frankenstein.  Then she got to riffing in things that sounded like Frankenstein and ended up with a restaurant called Frankendine which served monsters.
A sample of some of the customers attending the restaurant as envisaged by Miss B.

We chatted about this a bit as the idea tickled both of us, and ended up thinking of a card game where one set of cards are customers such as werewolves, vampires and zombies, each with types of food they like and dislike (vampires like blood and dislike garlic, natch) while another set of cards are ingredients for their meals.  If you can feed each monster appropriate food before they get too impatient, you get a tip.

Then, on BoardGameGeek, discussion started up about a new design contest for children's games, including a category for games designed by or with children.  This looked perfect for us and when I told her about it, Miss B was massively keen for us to enter our restaurant game.

And so, now the contest has started, be are beginning to work on the game in earnest.  So far we have tried playing a rough version of the game, now titled Fran-N-Dine, using regular playing cards, and Miss B has started work on some art for the cards.  We have a long way to go, but the deadline for submission is the 1st November, so we have more than two months to get things together.

If you would like to follow along, I'm sure I'll be posting updates here, but there is also a Work in Progress thread on BGG.

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