Funny shaped tiles

I've been thinking of an idea that has leapt unbidden to mind, which combines something from a blog post by Daniel Solis from over a year ago (it took me a little while to find the post to prove to myself that I wasn't imagining it) with one of my experiments from about the same time.

So, my part of the idea was trying to make a tile-laying game where you build a sort of kingdom, with resources from one tile allowing the placement of other tiles nearby.  The bit from Daniel was to use standard-sized playing cards as the tiles, which would work as squares but with an additional tab on one side to make up the rest of the rectangle.
A beautiful and bountiful landscape spreads itself before us.

I've not got very far with this yet, but at the moment I'm toying with the tabs showing a resource that the square produces.  When the tab gets covered over by another card, that square stops providing that resource, though you may have been able to place a marker onto it to allow the square to continue producing (like adding a mine or farm).  Probably there should be a rule to prevent the tabs getting covered too soon -- maybe you can only cover the tab after the other three sides of the square connect to something.

I've made some rough cards with some of my standard blank flashcards (an awesome resource -- every home should have some) and Sharpies, and this all looks at least a bit viable.  Now I need to work out what players can do with this.

More soon, probably.

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