In which treasure is found

Today was my daughter, Miss B's school May Fayre.  Rooting through the white elephant stall, we found an intact-looking copy of Labyrinth, a great little game of chasing around a maze that keeps on changing, making navigation difficult to predict.  Unfortunately, getting the game home I discovered that one of the map tiles was missing.  Whereas a missing tile in, say, Carcassonne is unfortunate but ultimately no big deal, in Labyrinth this makes the game unplayable by its intended rules.
Cute wizard minis.  Gotta love cute wizard minis.

My immediate reaction was, shame, but look at all these new components to add to my bits box.  I mean, I still have a bunch of map tiles that'll be useful for something, and this edition of the game has some really cool wizard miniatures, each having its own sculpt.  All that will find its way into some game or another at some point.  Heck, I've been thinking about working on some sort of dungeon crawl game...


  1. You could make a replacement tile... I'm sure someone you know ha a complete set so you can work out which piece is missing.

  2. You are absolutely right. Actually, it doesn't really matter about getting exactly the right piece: I can figure out from the rest if a treasure is missing, and just making the tile into a crossroads would be fine, so we could get a functional game relatively easily.

    That said, we already have a slightly different version of the game (more complicated and, I think, not as good) so I don't really need this, and the idea of building something new from the components really appeals right now.