She swallowed the spider to catch the fly...

So I have gone ahead and entered another game into the Children's Print and Play Game Contest on BGG, having decided that I Know An Old Woman has at least a little potential, at least enough to take a bit further.  The entry thread is here in case you fancy following along.

Card backs would normally be the last thing I would worry about, but I had a funny turn.
So aside from wasting a load of time creating card backs, what have I been up to?

Well, we now have print and play files which provide vaguely presentable cards if you want to have a go, and they include serviceable public domain art that I found around the place.

There is no longer a "wrap-around" from horse to old woman, so the horse is actually unbeatable, but there is a small bonus if you are able to win a trick with the old woman.

Other than that, the game has changed very little from our first round of testing.  We have played a few games over the last week or two and it turns out that I lose most of the time, particularly against Miss B, and so far it seems that going first or second doesn't have a strong influence.  The game is definitely highly luck based, but that seems OK given that it is intended to play with a kid (or between kids) and that the game only takes five minutes or so to play.

What is needed now, though, is as much play testing as we can manage.  If you would be willing to have a go (bearing in mind that this is a lightweight game aimed at junior players), and can print out a couple of sheets of cards to do so, please let me know how you get on -- your help would be greatly appreciated.

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