Where things are at right now

I just thought it would probably be worth making a note of the projects that I have on the go, and a sentence or so about the status of each.

Boogie Knights...  Working on a revised version following playtest feedback.  Should be able to get that to the table very soon.  Incidentally this is up for voting in the May 24 hour contest on BGG, where there is some very stiff competition; well worth looking for the sheer variety of interpretations of "Knight" for a game.

Scurvy Crew...  Still in mid-revision, with crew cards mostly overhauled but a lot of work yet to do on treasure cards, which are being converted to merchant ships to capture.  This is quite a major overhaul, but has been stalled due to other projects and other demands on my time.  Hopefully I'll get the new version sorted in the next few weeks.

Tooth Fairies...  Would like to work on this some more, but is currently on hold.

Space Station 7...  Stalled for the time being.  Having done early experiments to test the very basics, I had a big heap of work to get to the next stage.  I'm probably about 3/4 of the way to another playable prototype, so hopefully I'll find some time to push this through to being playable.

El Tiddly...  Also stalled.  Again, early experiments show promise, but in this case I don't think it would take long to get a playable full game.  Maybe soon.

So what now?  Well, the priority is to get a new version of Boogie Knights fixed up, at which point I will probably start a Work-In-Progress thread about it on BoardGameGeek.  Then I think completing this stage of work for Scurvy Crew would be the next job.  After that we'll have to see.

Of course, there may well be an interruption for the June 24 hour contest, which has "assassin" as a requirement, and this has me thinking about the scene in The Pink Panther Strikes Again where Clouseau is being pursued through Oktoberfest by an international army of assassins, so I may well try to put together a game along those lines as long as I can figure out how to prevent it being a bad copy of Kill Doctor Lucky.

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